popNavigator(TM) 1.01

Time saver that eliminates navigation frustration


  • Fast to load
  • Customizable searching tool
  • Useful functions at a click away


  • Icons could have been clearer with better design and resolution

Very good

Using a web browser isn't always the most pleasant experience. Most of us spend far too much time hunting around for icons, fiddling with tiny tab buttons or struggling to minimise a window.

Wouldn't it be nice to have everything a little closer to where your cursor is at any given time?

With popNavigator(TM) you will be able to have an instant coloured menu by pressing and holding the mouse's right-click button, with which you can select some very useful functions.

Opening or closing tabs in your browser, adding the page you are visiting to your bookmarks, printing, or refreshing a web-page are options that will now be immediately available.

This program doesn't interfere with the standard right-click menu, which comes out by clicking then leaving immediately the right mouse button.

In fact, to access the popNavigator menu, you will have to keep holding the button. The searching tool is also useful and it is customizable with your favourite search engines, and always available without having to open new window or tab.

popNavigator(TM) is a useful, quick-to-load and non-intrusive menu which will make your web surfing easier and faster. It doesn't interfere with the standard right-click menu and it is pleasantly designed.

Finally. . . a solution to mouseless laptop navigation frustration! You know, "stabbing" your way up to the little white "X" or, the "Back" icon, or "Page Up", etc.



popNavigator(TM) 1.01

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